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Introducing the PracticePack® apps for managing your Intellectual Property law practice.  This next generation of our apps is equally at home on your desktop, tablet, or cellphone.  The InvoicePack™ app lets you manage your billing and collections.  The DocketPack™ app lets you manage the docket for all your cases using our free US Patent & Trademark rulesets or your own custom rulesets.  The OfficePack™ app is a full-featured law practice management app.  This app includes all the features of the DocketPack and InvoicePack apps. 

Minimize the time required for Admin Tasks

A typical lawyer spends 40% of their time on administrative tasks.  PracticePack apps are designed from the ground up to speed up your billing, docketing, and client communications.  As you make a billing or docket entry, suggestions from data entered previously appear for completing the entry.  The autocomplete feature reduces data entry time from minutes to seconds and helps avoid typos.  When a docket deadline is approaching that requires client instructions, you can generate the correspondence automatically.  The communication includes all firm, client, case, and docket metadata.

It's your data, so why not store it in your cloud?

Are you concerned about entrusting your sensitive law practice management data to a legal software vendor's cloud account?  Take charge of your data and its security by storing it wherever you choose.  With our apps, you save your data at Google, OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, or behind your firm's firewall.  Plus PracticePack apps process data on your device, not on our servers.  Regain control of your data.  Take a free trial of our OfficePack app today!  Our apps give you the best of both worlds: privacy and security without sacrificing convenience.


Billing, Invoicing & Accounts

The InvoicePack app includes client and case management, billing, invoicing, accounting, accounts receivable, client communications, reports, graphs, projected billings, and revenue.

Customize your invoices

The invoice you generate is customized with the look and feel you want for your firm.  Invoice customization includes uploading your firm logo or one chosen from our gallery.  You can also select a font and color for your invoice text and linework.  The billings for each case appear on a separate page of the invoice, thus making it easier for the departments of your corporate clients to review and approve the invoice for payment. 

Analyze client accounts

This dashboard gives you insights into the financial status of your firm.  Client and account bar graphs show the relative magnitude between clients for your firm: gross revenue, fees, expenses, net revenue, outstanding amounts, and billed hours.  The client graph breaks these financial stats down by client, and the account graph breaks these stats down by month.  The account list shows metadata for all invoices generated in the selected year and tracks their payment status.  The bar graphs are interactive.  A single click filters the graphs and list by client and or month.

Forecast your billings and revenue

The 'My Time' report shows your billings to date for the current month and displays a forecast of your cumulative hours and billings for the end of the month.
The 'Net Revenue' report summarizes the firm's monthly net revenue for each client, case manager, and timekeeper and forecasts your firm's year-end net.


Docketing, Calendaring & Workload

The DocketPack app includes client and case management, docketing, rulesets, calendaring, workload, client communications, reports, and graphs.

Legacy calendar/docket software is stressful

The numerous case deadlines and complex scheduling associated with intellectual property law practice can be stressful.  Managing your case docket with legacy software is time consuming, because it does not show you the estimated time required to complete each action item.  You then have to spend time to determine which action items have to be started well in advance of a corresponding docket date.

Reduce docketing stress with our Workload™ Docket

The DocketPack app displays an extra dimension of your firm's case docket.  Bar graphs and lists allow you to visually distinguish upcoming docket entries that need to be started well before the due/deadline date.  You can interact with graphs and list to filter by: client, week or priority. 

Free Patent & Trademark rulesets

Your app comes with US Patent, US Trademark and PCT docket rulesets.  You can add your own rulesets to fit your practice area.
  The US Patent rulesets include: disclosure, filing, PCT filing, office action, restriction or election, Ex Parte Quayle, final office action, notice of allowance, issuance, maintenance fees and more.    The US Trademark rulesets cover the Initial section 8 and subsequent section 8 & 9 filings.    The PCT rulesets cover the priority document, publication, Chapter1, and Chapter 2.
A single click is all it takes to generate multiple action items for a case from a single ruleset.  For example, docketing for an issued US patent, including all maintenance fees and corresponding window open, payment due, and grace dates stretching 12 years from the issue date, takes seconds.

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