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Free Rulesets for docketing US Patents, Trademarks, and PCT
Custom Rulesets add your own rulesets and modify the ones we provide.
Docket due and deadline dates for each case using your own rulesets
Docket History preserves a record of open and closed docket entries for each case
Docket Priority lets you distinguish 'soft' and 'hard' docket due dates
Docket Labor lets you assign an estimated hours to docket entrys so we can show your upcoming workload graphically
Calendar appointments and meetings
Workload™ Docket interactive graphs and list show docket entries and estimated workload by week
Status Reports show a client's upcoming docket for all cases
Billing for each case by fee or expense
Auto-Timer for conference calls or meetings
Billing Forecast lets you know if you are going to hit your monthly and annual targets
Invoice Prebill allows you to select billing entries to invoice or hold over to the next billing cycle when a task is complete.
Invoice Customization choose your font,color, background image and template for your invoices
Invoice Logo customize your invoices with your own Logo
Invoice to PDF lets you convert your invoice to a .pdf file
Account Graphs are interactive so you can compare client accounts by gross/net revenue, hours, expenses and more ...
Accounts Receivable enter client payments, show current balances and track outstanding receivables
Cellphone compatibility means that all the features of these apps are now available on your mobile phone
Email API automatically generates an email with formatted case and client specific metadata in both your clipboard & email client
Map API pinpoints your client or case location on an interactive map
Telephone API allows you to initiate phone calls to your clients
Languages if you install your PracticePack app with Google Chrome it will translate your app's user interfaces to your native language
Auto-Complete speeds up billing and docketing data entry as you type by providing suggested text to complete filling in a form field
Case Management by client, jurisdiction, location, keywords and notes
Conflict Check by related party, technology, or keyword using your searchable database
Freeform Search enables you to find similar cases or clients by location, court, technology and more...
Data Storage  in a database file, which you can store anywhere, e.g. Google, iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, or behind your firm's firewall
Data Privacy data processing is done exclusively by your app on your computer, tablet, or cellphone
Database Dashboard to track database metrics: size, #records, record types, last modified date
Collaborate with other members of your firm using your app to synchronize database files for invoicing
Free Updates provides the latest improvements and features
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