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Discover the Best Billing & Docketing Software for Lawyers.

Speed up your billing

As you enter a billing record for a case, our auto-complete feature provides suggestions for completing the entry, just like a search engine. These suggestions come from your prior billing records.

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Customize your invoices

Get the look and feel you want for your firm's invoices. Upload your firm logo or letterhead to include in your invoice.  You can also choose the font and color for your invoices.

Customized invoice with your logo

Analyze client accounts

Gain insight to the financial operations of your firm with interactive client graphs. Compare client accounts by: gross or net revenue, fees, expenses, hours, or outstanding receivables.

Interactive graph for tracking your accounts

Speed up docket entry

Enter the docket for a case quickly and accurately using your rulesets or the free rulesets we provide.  Generate multiple action items from a single ruleset.

Forecast your docket workload

Our WorkLoad™ Docket adds a new dimension to your firm's case docket, specifically the hours required to complete each docket entry.  Distinguish docket entries based on associated workload and plan your time accordingly. 

Interactive graph for tracking your docket and workload

Speed up client communications

You have a docket deadline and need client instructions. With a single click, you can generate the correspondence in both your clipboard & email app with all required firm, client, and case metadata filled in.

Email templates to speed up client communication

Manage your Cases

Enter your billing, and docketing for each case. Generate invoices for each client.

Speed up case intake with a conflict check for cases with a related: party, keyword, or technology.

Case Form for case management

Whose cloud is it anyway?

Are you concerned about entrusting your sensitive law practice management data to a legal software vendor's cloud account?  Take charge of your data and its security by storing it wherever you choose.  Practice Pack apps, can save your data at Google, OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, or behind your firm's firewall.   Regain control of your firm's data!  Get a free trial of our OfficePack app today.

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